Platelet-Enriched Plasma (PRP) for Skin Rejuvenation: Popular Cosmetic Choice in Aesthetic Medicine

Making the right choice between traditional and nontraditional skin rejuvenation treatments necessitates an in-depth comprehension of Skin Rejuvenation processes. This article deals with Platelet-Enriched Plasma or PRP for Skin Rejuvenation and elaborates on the reasons as to why you should consider this beneficial treatment.

Instead of a single skin care treatment, the Skin Rejuvenation process is a series of multiple skincare treatments. Without applying any expensive or unsafe invasive methods, your skin’s youth, beauty, quality, health, and strength can improve with PRP treatments. Skincare can range from exfoliation, skin masks, chemical peels to many other skin rejuvenation treatments.

With plenty of medical advances in the skincare industry, the Skin Rejuvenation process is much safer and more popular today than in the past with the use of PRP therapy.

PRP Skin Rejuvenation

Due to involvement in harnessing the blood, the Plasma Platelet Rich Skin Rejuvenation process is also commonly known as Vampire Facial in pop culture. Vampire Facial helps heal the body by drawing from the human body’s natural energy. All the four blood constituents are separated from each other before obtaining concentrated platelets in the plasma. White blood cells, platelets, red blood cells, and plasma are the four distinct and principal components in human blood. Once the blood has been centrifuged, it is the yellowish colour platelet-rich plasma with the many growth factors that is used for skin rejuvenation

How does PRP work in the Skin Rejuvenation Process?

When used for facial rejuvenation, PRP is applied topically on the patient’s skin and using a microneedling device at specific depths the PRP is absorbed into the patient’s skin. The benefits will be imminent due to the PRP absorption by the skin. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy can be utilized in many applications for body benefits, including skin rejuvenation and hair loss treatments.

What are the Advantages of using PRP for Skin Rejuvenation?

Research studies note that “PRP injections in the lower-eyelid region are a safe, efficient, virtually pain-free, simple, and rapid treatment option for an area with otherwise limited treatment alternatives.” To avoid the clumping created by injectable fillers, some clinics use Platelet-Enriched Plasma specifically in the vulnerable area under the eye.

PRP Skin Rejuvenation is a non-surgical procedure, as Dr. Sal Nadkarni describes it as: “The main equipment needed to perform the Vampire Facial (PRP) procedure are phlebotomy kits to draw blood and a centrifuge to spin the blood to separate out the cellular components of the blood plasma.” The platelets are separated, followed by re-injecting into the face after the blood is spun. 

Consider the following benefits of PRP as an effective remedy for Skin Rejuvenation:

Collagen Generation: For anyone suffering from dry skin, wrinkles, uneven skin, or any other skin issue, PRP has been a proven remedy. The body’s collagen creation starts to decrease past the age of 25. The human body requires quality collagen to heal the skin. The quality and quantity of the collagen in the body will keep declining if external stimulation is not applied. As the patient’s skin is penetrated with PRP, new healthier collagen starts to generate. Results continue to improve in as little as a few weeks after the PRP treatment is carried out.

Long-term Effects: PRP Vampire Facial only require about half of the treatments to get the results similar to other micro-needling therapies. Our Skin Rejuvenation packages include PRP with other proven skin therapies such as AAPE, Alex Peel, and Structural Remodling System (SRS). Alternating the PRP with another therapy can increase the effectiveness of the program. For more information about our different packages, click here:

Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Most people pursue PRP Vampire Facial as a removal treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. Wrinkles and fine lines are decreased due to elastin formation, collagen generation, new skin cells, and recycling of old skin cells. To remedy the common aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles, cellular turnover is increased. With the help of induced micro-injuries, the removal leads to organically tighter skin.

Lower Downtime: The patient can experience some redness for 1-3 days with micro-needling. The “micro-injuries” generated by the micro-needling are primarily healed as soon as they are inflicted thanks to Platelet-Enriched Plasma! Hence, by using PRP treatment, the downtime can be quickly decreased.

Tighter and Firmer Skin: Aging is the fundamental reason for thin skin, especially cheeks and lips. You should consult clinical experts to gauge your ideal aesthetic before deciding on any skin issue. Skin begins to sag despite wrinkles and lines not always being visible with age. Some of you might pursue PRP to avoid wrinkles, or for plumping to help re-contouring their cheeks. Collagen is necessary to make the skin more tight and firm as it acts as a skin’s plumping agent.

Fast Procedure: the PRP treatment is completed in about 1 hour. Blood is processed through a centrifuge after syringes are used to draw the blood. It takes 12 minutes to run the blood in a centrifuge. The whole process takes approximately 60 minutes based on the number of the areas and size the patient is being treated for.

Skin Tone and Texture: The results are impressive, fast, and quite observable with rapid skin improvement after PRP Vampire Facial. The patient can take advantage of PRP Skin Rejuvenation . acne scars, hyperpigmentation, scars from traumatic injury, surgical scars, stretch marks, and other forms of low texture or skin tone.

How to know if you are a viable recipient for PRP Skin Rejuvenation?

Anyone with hyper-pigmentation, dry skin, aging, acne scars, wrinkles, or tight skin seeking a remedy other than a surgical facelift and imbalanced skin is viewed as a viable recipient of the PRP for Skin Rejuvenation.

If you are using blood thinners for any clotting condition regularly or suffering from blood diseases then you are not viable for a PRP treatment. Any patient with extreme sun damage may require more treatment measures.

Although quite an unknown fact, studies have deemed PRP for Skin Rejuvenation/Vampire Facial as a viable treatment for almost every patient, excluding those with the conditions mentioned above. Substances like lotions, anti-aging ointments, and creams are full of inorganic elements. Based on the factors like patient’s allergies, skin kind, and various other factors, they are prone to adverse side effects. On the other hand, PRP does not cause any allergic reaction due to the use of the patient’s own natural blood. Therefore, Vampire Facial or PRP is accepted by patients’ bodies as an organic substance.

PRP Skin Rejuvenation is an Effective Remedy

Claim the efficacy and effectiveness of PRP Platelet Rich Plasma therapy for Skin Rejuvenation. You will definitely feel more rejuvenated, happy, confident, refreshed, and healthy. Most of your skin skincare worries can be treated with PRP. Our expert clinical aestheticians can design individual treatment plans after evaluating the patient’s current health and skin’s aesthetic objectives with due care. Our treatment provides all the benefits of traditional skin treatments. Also, it delivers safe and effective skin rejuvenation results backed by advanced technology.

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