Q & A

Results can be seen in as little as two weeks but can continue to improve with the best results being seen between 30- 60 days following treatment.

Two to three days after the treatment is applied, the skin will begin to flake and peel. For these first few days, the face may feel tight, itch, and be slightly red. It is possible to continue to peel for a couple of weeks post-treatment, but this is rare.

cosmelan® can also be used on the body, most commonly used on the back, shoulders, arms décolletage, and hands, as these are areas that commonly experience hyperpigmentation.

cosmelan® 2 is the home care part of the treatment. The maintenance cream is continued to regulate the melanocytes to stop producing the same abnormal production of melanin and continue this regulation production by itself as the skin creates a memory. If this is not followed for this amount of time the hyperpigmentation may return as the melanocyte will start producing the same hyperpigmentation.

Any products containing Vitamin C or Retinols (Vitamin A derivative) should be avoided throughout the treatment. These ingredients will be too stimulating for the skin as the cosmelan® does already contain them. Complete aftercare will be discussed with you at your appointment.

During your cosmelan® treatment, you should avoid any other skin treatments or procedures.

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