Skin Remodeling System: Poised to be the Best Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation

Are you looking for smoother, tighter, and firmer skin with a reduction in wrinkles? Look no further! Our revolutionary RMD Skin Remodeling System (SRS) provides the full lifting effect for the face and neck. This article will give comprehensive information about the procedure and everything that goes along with it. Get all the necessary facts you will need to know in making an informed decision on pursuing this effective remedy for your skin issues.

What is the RMD Skin Remodeling System (SRS)?

The Skin Remodelling System™ is a revolutionary new system combining five proven technologies, reducing wrinkles’ appearance for younger-looking skin. It has been proven to be more effective and efficient than various other traditional methods on the market. SRS is the first to offer outstanding results with an innovative proprietary remodeling treatment by combining five scientifically-proven technologies.

During Clinical trials, the Skin Remodeling System showed promising results. Within a couple of months, patients witnessed visible improvements. An 85% improvement in overall skin tightening and a 75% decrease in wrinkles around the eyes was achieved during trials.

SRS operates with an exclusive Synchronised Treatment Head (STH) that effectively delivers energy to the dermis and muscle tissue. It then safely elicits muscle toning and skin rejuvenation responses. It is the next generation of facial remodeling procedures. SRS is proven to firm sagging muscles, increase local blood and lymph circulation, stimulate fibroblast activity, increase the synthesis of new collagen, repair existing collagen, and regenerate skin cells’ homeostasis.

Experts have been able to effectively combine five scientifically proven technologies into one Skin Remodeling program. The aim has been to address the most critical factors. These factors provide effective treatment for facial rejuvenation and facial aging. The system generates results in the dermis and muscles. It targets the underlying problems associated with skin aging while being powered by HVPC technology.

Being one of the most evaluated skin treatment on the market, The Skin Remodelling System by RMD is unique. It aims to satisfy the need to improve one’s appearance by significantly reducing aging signs through non-invasive, non-surgical means. SRS is designed to support the tightening of pores distinctively and toning facial and neck muscles. The treatment of skin texture and the smoothing of age-related expression lines is also achieved via this method.

During treatment, innovative and scientifically proven technologies consist of U-vibrations, Electroporation, High Voltage Pulsatile Currents (HVPC), Galvanic current, and Micro-Currents are combined. This five-tiered approach operates with the body to tighten the skin, favor new collagen growth, and tone sagging muscles. Hence, it provides effective treatment.

How does Skin Remodeling System work?

The RMD system regenerates skin cells, restores collagen fibers, enhances local blood and lymph circulation. It also accelerates collagen synthesis, and stimulates fibroblast activity. The RMD Structural Remodeling System has been designed to reduce time, smoothen out age-related wrinkles, support the skin’s natural texture, and strengthen the neck and facial muscles.

The procedure effectively stimulates rejuvenation and skin toning by delivering energy to the muscle tissue and dermis. It is intended for synergistic effects and performed using an exclusive manipula. The time for therapeutic development (full exposure cycle) is 2 seconds.

The RMD system focuses on delivering optimal results in the muscles and dermis intended for associated underlying problems and skin aging. The fantastic thing is that one SRS program holds a blend of scientifically proven five technologies. This effective mixture provides non-surgical, effective facial rejuvenation, and focuses on important factors associated with facial aging. Furthermore, it is powered by HVPC Technology.

The Skin Remodeling System™ targets all layers of the skin for younger, natural-looking results that last. The five-tiered approach works with the body to stimulate new collagen growth, tone sagging muscles, and tighten the skin. During treatment, the combination of scientifically proven technologies consists of Ultrasound, High Voltage Pulsatile Currents (HVPC), High Voltage Short-Pulse Current (HVSPC), Galvanic Current, and Impulse Micro-Currents.

All five electrotherapy technologies work simultaneously due to unique engineering developments implemented in the manipula:


Ultrasound heat the skin tissues and boost collagen production for more elastic, plumper skin. The tissues are heated to a temperature between 40 ° C-45 ° C range under the influence of 3 MHz, which introduces the active substance molecules into the deep layers of the skin and promptly stimulates collagen synthesis.

High Voltage Short-Pulse Current (HVSPC)

Electroporation currents increase the absorption factor of the skin. Short single-phase currents of 70 V stimulate tissue repair. They also increase the electroporation (cell membranes permeability).

High Voltage Pulse Current (HVPC)

Neuromuscular stimulation for the recovery and toning of muscle fibers is safely carried out by double impulses of single-phase current (135 V).

Pulsating Micro Currents

The pulsating two-phase current with a linear density of 120 μA / cm2 maintains cellular homeostasis. It increases the muscle’s susceptibility to nerve stimulation. Pulsed microcurrent increases ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). It also lifts saggy muscles. ATP is a molecule that energizes the cells for repair and renewal.

Galvanic current

Direct Biphasic currents increase the absorption factor of the skin. Direct biphasic current with a linear density of 250 μA / cm2 promotes tissue repair via physiological mechanisms stimulation.

Applications of Skin Remodeling System (SRS)

Our medical aestheticians at Skin Rejuvenation Clinic address client-specific concerns with a specially customized treatment regimen. The design is based on substantial expertise. Our clinical experts are leading medical aestheticians in Canada. Our revolutionary skin rejuvenation technology encapsulated in the Skin Remodeling System will effectively cater to all your skin issues. It will deliver excellent results on ensuring firmer, smoother, and tighter skin. SRS perfectly stimulates the cell’s renewal, facilitates the growth of fresh collagen in the deeper layers of the skin, and tightens muscle tissue.

In a series of gentle skin rejuvenation sessions (each lasting 30 minutes), Clients will enjoy multiple benefits. Benefits like restored muscle tone, tauter firmer neck, gentle lift for saggy cheeks, increased dermal thickness, lines and wrinkles reduction, more youthful appearance due to subtle increase in fullness, and elimination of saggy skin and jowls.

SRS uses Special Ergonomic Treatment Head

With precise intensity for the specific treatment, the Synchronized Delivery system™ uses a computer-guided program. Thus, it can skillfully apply optimized treatment protocols. The unique ergonomic treatment head provides effective and efficient treatment instantly by blending five scientifically proven technologies. Furthermore, this treatment method ensures simultaneous delivery through a single treatment head. Consider the following main factual information points at a glance to better inform your decisions regarding the treatment.

Treatment duration:

RMD Skin Remodeling System treatment session typically takes 30 to 45 minutes.

Skin Type:

SRS treatment is compatible with all skin types. Also, the treatment can be carried out effectively in the summer months too.

To Begin:

A gel containing essential nutrients is applied to the skin to accelerate collagen regeneration.  This initial stage is a treatment in itself that is essential to the further steps in the overall treatment.

The Benefits:

SRS is a non-invasive, non-surgical, and affordable method. It effectively stimulates healthy new skin growth and cell renewal to provide optimal treatment for various skin issues. Also, it erases the facial expressions in specific areas like worry lines, crow’s feet, and lip wrinkles by relaxing the dynamic lines. Finally, SRS plumps wrinkles, restores volume, and elasticity to the skin, activating Neo-collagen production.

A youthful smoothness and tautness

Tightening the neck and jawline lifts the cheeks. It restores muscle tone by redefining the facial contour to give you that tautness and youthful smoothness that you deserve.

The results:

The skin gets firmer and shows an improved texture from the very first session. Well-documented clients and effective clinical results are available on the internet to give you a sense of surety to pursue this treatment.

Recommended Treatments Count:

Treatments count will depend on the required results for the client’s skin, age, and lifestyle. These key factors play a significant role in determining the number of ideal treatments specific to each client. Usually, our clinic recommends a 6 to 12 treatment series to get the most optimal SRS treatment effects.

Key Takeaway

The RMD is a Class II medical device approved by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Canada. In each session of the SRS treatment, you’ll be treated to a scientifically proven combination of five technologies in a single technology to reverse the aging effects on your skin. A compelling blend of Ultrasound, High Voltage Short-Pulse Current (HVSPC), High Voltage Pulsatile Currents (HVPC), Impulse Micro-Currents, and Galvanic Currents are necessary to address the aging effects. Ultimately Skin Remodeling System at our Skin Rejuvenation clinics is equipped with the best expertise and advanced technology. Our SRS treatment is what you need for the effective delivery of smoother and tighter skin.

Visit or call on (647)-967-6450 now to book your consultation and learn more about the RMD SRS treatment method for skin-related issues. You can also learn about other popular non-invasive skin rejuvenation therapies like AAPE, PRP, and Alex Peel that are guaranteed to pique your interest! Save up to 35% off our current SRS Packages!

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